Dark Black Deals - $20 Off Each All Black Shades w/ Black Cords
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        TIMELESS: available in a growing variety of interchangeable shade designs and colors to express your style and accent your unique spaces. 

        FUNCTIONAL: large enough to provide as much functional light as a full-size floor lamp without taking up any floor space.

        DURABLE: high-quality design and materials create a sturdy, flexible, and waterproof shade material with magnetic strips that provide a continuous seal between shade and base.    

        COLOR THE MOOD: designed to work with regular and large size standard base color-change smart bulbs, the 2-bulb design allows for a playful combination of colors to match your daily Zen.

        GLOWS IN THE DARK: high-quality glow fabric absorbs light from the bulbs and surrounding daylight during use and casts a soothing aquamarine glow that lasts for hours in dark spaces.

        CUSTOM CORDS: choose the length you need of a high-quality Rayon-braided cord currently available in black or silver colors to stand out or blend in with existing wall colors.

        EASY TO INSTALL: mount directly to the wall wherever needed with only three screws. Mounting hardware provided includes a discreet adhesive cord clip to keep cord straight and secure.